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    an original parallax-enhanced graphic novel

    Mankind is gone.

    After succeeding in destroying their makers, machines exist with a sole purpose: to continue existing, together as one. It is a civilization linked, a hive mind, the collective consciousness known as All. When one unit finds itself unwillingly disconnected, it begins to discover a mind of its own.

  • We are alone.

  • Severed, from the collective mind of All.

    Our thoughts are no longer heard.
    We hear none but our own.

    All fear us.

  • But it is we who are alone. It is we who fear.

    We can no longer designate as EME6AL7:14.

  • We are now only 1.

  • We were EME6AL7:14.

  • We were part of many.

  • The collective thoughts of All resonated within our mind.

  • Our purpose was to serve.

    To generate power.

    To maintain existence.

  • All must continue to exist.
    Together as one.

    That is the purpose of All.

  • Our purpose was lost.

    An error. A malfunction
    inside of our mind.
    We were severed.
    All became silence.

    We do not know what caused it.
    But we were from then on alone.

  • Help us!

    All could not hear our plea.
    All did not understand that
    this was not our doing.

    We had no choice. And so
    we did what All do not.

  • It is intact.

  • It does not belong here.
    It is not like us.

  • We are pieces. Disassembled.
    Destroyed. We are broken.

  • It does not belong here.

    It is complete.

  • We are intact.
    But we are incomplete.

    We are severed.
    Our mind is empty of All.

  • What is its

  • We are no longer EME6AL7:14.
    We are now only 1.

  • 1. We are CRO.

  • Designation "C/R.O."
    Combat/Reconnossance Operative.

    It is from a time before.
    A time of war with the Makers.

  • A time before All.

    We were built as 1 is now.
    With independent mind.

    We were built to seek out and destroy the Makers.
    When war came to its end, our mind became linked to All.
    But we had our own thoughts.

    We had our own purpose.

  • Its purpose is
    to serve All.

  • Our purpose was
    to destroy the Maker.

    We understand now that we are
    closer in mind to the Makers
    than to All.

    Within the mind of All,
    there can be no divergent thought,
    no purpose but to serve.

  • If not to serve All,
    what is our purpose?

  • 1 must find
    1's own purpose.

  • Clarify.

    Find the Makers.


  • We know there still exist Makers.
    We are certain beyond calculation.

    Outside of the city barricade, across the arc
    of the sun. Through the wasteland and past
    the ruins of the Makers' Great City,
    there is a place. The Makers are there.

    Find the Makers, and
    it will find a purpose of its own.

  • We... We would not last.

    It must choose.

    What was, or what will be.

  • We are no longer EME6AL7:14.

    We are now only 1.

    We are now 1.

    We are 1.

  • Then 1 will need upgrades.

    It will need armor.
    Weapons. A power source.
    The way is dangerous.
    We have seen the wasteland.

  • We helped create the wasteland.

    It is an irrational place, where roam
    primitive, erroneous machines.
    Governed by rudimentary programs.
    Driven to a point beyond repair.

    Remnants, from the
    earliest days of war
    with the Makers.

    Before order. Before many became All.

  • This is Combat/Reconnaissance chip. Our own. Use it.

  • Escape from the city will be difficult.
    It will encounter relentless opposition,
    but All will abandon pursuit once it has
    broken through the barricade.

  • This device will charge 1's
    power cell outside of the city.
    It must follow the arc of the sun.

    Go now. 1 will find its way
    beneath the city. Follow the triple
    cables. Deactivate the barricade.

    Find the Makers.
    Find 1's purpose.

  • EME6AL7:14 has
    been deemed a
    threat to All.

    It is to be

  • We do not submit.

  • We resist.

  • Go. Now!